Test in Sandbox

Once registered in Developer Portal, you will be able to access your own Applications view.

From that point, you can either explore our documentation, using our app bar navigation, or proceed directly with application registration.

Register application

Application is a core element for Leyr, allowing you to have multiple entry points to our API. Because of integration nature of our system, we base our logic on Machine-to-Machine authentication, implementing Client Credentials Flow.

If interested, there are multiple good materials on Client Credentials Flow out there, one example being Auth0 article.

Get Client ID and Client Secret

Once an app is registered, you will get your Client ID back. It is later used to access Leyr APIs in x-leyr-client-id request header.

Configure EHR

Configure EHRs you would like to connect to.

When you add a new EHR, you will be requested to provide your EHR credentials, depending on which credentials flow is used by that specific EHR. It may be a combination of Client ID and Secret, Access Token, API Key, etc.

We will also ask for an encryption key - that is used to protect your credentials. That key is never stored, meaning even we at Leyr don't know it and cannot see your data.

You will see an option to generate a strong key with GENERATE button, but you are free to use any other key. The most important thing - you do have to keep it somewhere to be able to call our API endpoint for that EHR! ๐Ÿ™‚

You can also see that "Use Leyr's credentials in the test mode" switch on top - feel free to use it, while we are in Sandbox. You don't have to worry EHR credentials then - we will use our for Sandbox and you can directly proceed with testing the integrations ๐Ÿ™‚

Connect to Sandbox

Once you have received Client ID and connected EHRs, you are good to go with our APIs! ๐Ÿฅณ

Check our API Reference for further details: